Cocaine Addiction Symptoms

Cocaine Addiction
Cocaine abuse symptoms are baffling because at first cocaine abuse symptoms are subtle and can go unnoticed. Cocaine abuse symptoms grow larger and more noticeable as the cocaine abuse escalates. Cocaine abuse symptoms start off as simple as a normal nosebleed and can become as extreme as cardiac arrest. The final and most obvious cocaine abuse symptom is death. Death is exactly where cocaine abuse will take you and along the way the abuser will encounter many other cocaine abuse symptoms. The addiction to cocaine first infects the way the abuser begins to think. Slowly their life begins to revolve around acquiring more and more of the drug. Obsession is the first cocaine abuse symptom. It is not nearly as noticeable as the other more prominent symptoms of cocaine abuse.

As soon as the cocaine enters the blood stream it begins to take control of the abuser mentally. The person becomes absolutely consumed with the prospect of getting more and more of the drug. This grows larger to the point that the mental obsession begins to manifest itself in the abusers actions. The abuser will begin to do anything to receive more cocaine. They will stoop down to levels they never thought their soul could reach. This includes stealing from loved ones, all the way down the line until they find themselves in jail for a crime they never thought they could commit.

The physical being of the abuser is affected almost instantaneous. The body’s chemical makeup adjusts itself in order to acquire the ability to consume cocaine. Therefore from the first ingestion of the chemical the person is hooked physically. The physical aspect of the cocaine abuse symptoms has quite a range of extremes. At first the person will just lose their appetite. This is a more subtle cocaine abuse symptom. Then slowly the septum of the nasal passage is eaten away. Once again this is a symptom only noticed by the abuser themselves. Eventually though, the abuser will become physically ill. This includes stomach cramps, the breaking out in cold sweats, and the increased heart rate, which wears away at the hearts ability to function correctly. All of these physical symptoms lead to the last cocaine abuse symptom-death.

Source: NIDA – National Institute on Drug Abuse

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